Air India Moves to Star Alliance’s Heathrow Terminal 2

Heathrow Terminal 2 Star Alliance Terminal

Air India has moved all its operations at London Heathrow’s Airport from Terminal 4 to Heathrow Terminal 2, the home of Star Alliance. The national airline of India operates up to eight daily flights in and out of Heathrow with either Boeing 777 or Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft and has been serving London for nearly 70 years. At present it offers two daily flights to Delhi, one daily flight to Mumbai, four weekly flights to Ahmedabad and three weekly flights to New York’s Newark airport.

Compared to Terminal 4, the check-in layout and concept in Terminal 2 allows customers to take greater control of their journey. This has been made possible through a combination of increased automation and common check-in. Travellers who have not checked in online can use any of 81 multi-airline check-in kiosks available throughout Terminal 2.

Customers requiring additional support and assistance or travelling in First Class, Business Class or holding Star Alliance Gold status will also find the respective counters in Zone D. Air India customers travelling in either First or Business Class or holding Star Alliance Gold status can make use of any of the four lounges in Terminal 2 operated by fellow Star Alliance member airlines Air Canada, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines and United. You can see our thoughts on the United Lounge at Heathrow to find out just how great it is!

The concept of having all Star Alliance member carriers operate from the same terminal at Heathrow was first raised with the airport operator more than a decade ago and came to fruition when Terminal 2 opened in June 2014. 23 member airlines moved into Terminal 2 on a staggered schedule between June and October 2014. Air India became a Star Alliance member the same year and has since worked on adapting its processes in order to fit in with the new check-in concept offered in Terminal 2.

Operating from a single terminal at Heathrow ensures that Star Alliance member carriers can offer approximately 12 million annual customers using the airport a vastly improved travel experience, including shorter connecting times.

We haven’t flown on Air India before, but we would be grateful if you could leave a comment below with your experiences if you have!

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