Flight Review: Lufthansa Heathrow to Frankfurt

Lufthansa airplane for Heathrow to Frankfurt flight

I recently flew from London Heathrow to Frankfurt on Lufthansa, and has such a pleasant experience I thought I’d share. Lufthansa are one of my favourite Star Alliance airlines, and I’ve never really had a bad flight on them. I find their planes for the most part modern, clean, and the staff very friendly.

Airline: Lufthansa
Route: Heathrow (LHR) – Frankfurt (FRA)
Flight: LH923
Aircraft: Airbus A321
Class: Economy
Depart: 07:30
Arrive: 10:05
Duration: 1:35
Krisflyer Miles Earned: 102

Short haul flights under 2 hours are never too stressful, unless you’re flying with someone like Ryanair or Wizz Air, but Lufthansa seemed to make everything about the short flight enjoyable.

Our experience started at Heathrow Terminal 2, which is the dedicated Star Alliance terminal. I’ve been through here so many times now I know it like the back of my hand. After a quick check-in we proceeded to go through security, and then walked through to the escalators that take you to the lower level of the terminal. The Lufthansa boarding gate was towards the back of the lower level, and was quite tucked away.

Boarding started around 40mins before the flight was due to depart, and they enforced the premium passengers rule, which meant us mere economy guests had to wait a little longer. Eventually it was our turn and we made our way over to the boarding queue. The staff were very friendly and didn’t bat an eyelid at my two pieces of handluggage when it stated you were only allowed one piece, and soon enough we were on the plane.

The plane felt reasonably new inside and I enjoyed the spacious legroom. It wasn’t as generous as the legroom on my beloved Swiss Air, but was still fairly good compared to the likes of Easyjet and Virgin Atlantic’s trans-atlantic economy seats. The seats were two-tone grey and leather (or fake leather more likely), and very comfy.

We had some sort of bread as a snack, no clue what it was but it tasted delicious! I had a bit of a nap afterwards as we’d had a very early start, and awoke to us landing in beautiful Frankfurt. It didn’t take too long to exit the plane, and from start to finish our flight from Heathrow¬†to Frankfurt was just very enjoyable and easy.

I didn’t get many miles due to the fare (only earned 102 Krisflyer miles), but every little helps, and as always, I can’t wait to fly with Lufthansa again!

Let us know in the comments if you’ve flown with Lufthansa and what you think of them!

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